Treatment Process

Initial consultation:

The initial consultation takes the form of a full traditional diagnosis. This is a chat between practitioner & patient where your symptoms & health are discussed in detail. Your tongue will be looked at & your pulses taken. Your abdomen will be examined for any tender regions and any areas of pain will be examined & assessed for range of movement. Your blood pressure will be taken & your lung capacity checked with a peek flow gauge. These tests & questions all help to build up a picture of your health according to Traditional East Asian Medical theory.

With this information Charlie can establish your Pre Natal Constituion which is the base of your health from conception as well as your Post Natal Constitution which is your current health. This then enables Charlie to produce a treatment plan that is unique to each patient using a combination of therapies to treat both your long term constitution & your current health symptoms. The initial consultation can last up to 90 minutes so please give yourself time.

Follow up Treatment:

Traditional East Asian Medicine is not a one off treatment, for it to be successful it requires a course of treatment. This involves a minimum of four separate treatments after the initial consultation. This is normally a weekly treatment schedule but it depends on the conditions being treated. After the initial four treatments we assess how treatment is progressing & what treatment goals have been achieved before deciding on the next treatment schedule. Each treatment starts with an update chat to see how you are before a pulse & tongue diagnosis is taken.

Then ultra fine, single use, disposable needles are inserted into regions of the body to treat the conditions presenting. This can range from four needles upwards depending on the required treatment with the main treatment areas being below the elbows on the lower arm & hand & below the knee on the lower leg & foot. Some people can feel a sensation when the needles are inserted called DeQi (the bodies natural energy). This can be felt in other areas of the body as the Qi circulates through its meridians. This is a positive sign that things are moving in the body.

Needles can be retained in the skin upto 20 minutes in time with auricular acupuncture a maximum of 40 minutes. Treatment times are normally 45 to 60 minutes in length but can be upto 90 minutes depending on conditions being treated.


I practice clean needle technique as required by the British Acupuncture Council & the local council Enviromental Health department and use sterile, single use acupuncture needles. Once a needle has been used it is immediately disposed of in a sharps box.


Treatment is designed to stimulate the body's own healing mechanism & to get all the internal organs working together in harmony. This can have a very therapeutic effect with patients feeling very relaxed & rejuvenated after treatment.

It can also at times cause what we call a ' healing crisis' as the body tries to naturally purge any pathogen from itself. This is a perfectly normal bodily response to treatment especially for long term conditions & dosent last for very long. It is always advisable to drink plenty of fluid after treatment & to have a more relaxed day so that full benefit of the treatment can be achieved.


It’s important to make sure you’ve eaten on the day of your treatment, but try to leave at least an hour of going without food before your treatment. It’s best not to drink alcohol, coffee or any caffeine drinks before or after treatment.


Initial consultation fee is £70
Acupuncture treatment is £50
Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage is £50
Korean Hand Therapy is £40
Japanese Moxabustion Therapy is £40
Chinese Foot Reflexology is £30
NADA auricular detox therapy is £20
Chinese facial rejuvenation massage is £40
Korean weight management therapy course of treatments is £200 (Can only be used alongside a calorie controlled diet)

Reduced price treatment plans are available for patients with chronic conditions who require regular treatments, each case is considered on an individual basis, please contact Charlie to discuss your requirements.

Cancellation Policy If you cannot make your appointment please rearrange in plenty of time as this allows others the opportunity to take your space.

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a £20 cancellation fee.

Thank you for your understanding

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Charlie at
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