15 December 2014

I came to the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in June 2014 for Acupuncture treatments because I suffer from depression, stress and anxiety and because I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ (early breast cancer) in October 2012. I decided to leave all of these conditions untreated via conventional medicine, which was against professional medical opinion. My depression was so severe that approximately 3-4 months earlier, I was planning to take my own life.

I have been fortunate to attend the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine for my Acupuncture treatments as I wouldn’t have been able fund this treatment via any other route as I am on long-term sick leave and my employer is withholding my sick pay.

Charlie Upton was a third year student at the time and undertook the initial consultation. This was the best history that has ever been taken, much better than any orthodox medical professional including surgeons and GPs. Charlie listened attentively and asked a number of questions. I did not feel rushed through this session, as has been the case with conventional medicine, and I instantly felt that I could have full trust and confidence in Charlie.

At each session, Charlie asks me how I am feeling and about my health conditions and puts together a treatment plan that is individualised to meet my own needs. Charlie puts you at ease by explaining and discussing what he intends to do and the reasoning behind the treatment plan. At the beginning, both the treatment plan and the Acupuncture points were supervised, but now Charlie has a degree status qualification and he practices on his own. Charlie is knowledgeable, well-informed, enthusiastic and passionate about his subject.

After only a few sessions, such was the trust I had in Charlie, that I opened-up and told Charlie some intimate and personal things. I think this has enabled Charlie to treat the whole me and has definitely supported me in other health areas. For example, I had menstrual bleeding that was so heavy I would flood. I found this debilitating and also embarrassing when it happened in public places. Charlie has successfully treated this and I no longer live in fear of my monthly period.

The underlying cause of my depression, stress and anxiety has remained because it is work-related; however Charlie is successfully treating these conditions. I know this because I no longer have thoughts of suicide, I am less tearful, more able to cope and have even noticed myself smiling and laughing at times. Charlie has achieved this even though the underlying cause has remained throughout and has become intense on occasion. I’m still ‘not firing on all cylinders’ but I am closer. In addition, my breast cancer has remained unchanged for over 2 years which is good news as this means it is not growing.

I have been very fortunate to receive Acupuncture from Charlie at weekly sessions. I have found Charlie to be warm, caring and understanding as well as an excellent and skilful Acupuncture Practitioner. I would not hesitate in recommending Charlie to anyone with a health condition.

Yours faithfully

Jill Fenton

February 2016

I saw Charlie Upton for long-term pain relating to adhesions and scar tissue (mainly from a hysterectomy and two episiotomies), which physiotherapy, myofascial release and osteopathic treatment had done little to improve, and it has been a pleasure to be treated by such a competent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic professional.

I'd already had some acupuncture and seen a good deal of improvement under a student practitioner at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, and when his course ended, I was placed under Charlie's care until the next year's students were ready to start their practice.

Charlie knew just what to do to improve my condition: I hardly felt the acupuncture needles go in, but their effect, over a period of several weeks, has allowed me to relax, loosen the scar tissue and adhesions and undo more of the debilitating myofascial pain patterns and restrictions I lived with. Before acupuncture, these had marred my ability to stand upright, walk normally, work and even think straight!

After years of grappling with a GP's diagnosis of fibromyalgia and struggling to improve my health from within that framework of thinking, it is acupuncture that has given me a concrete improvement: my family sees the difference and my daughter says I seem taller and feel more solid when we hug. I am also benefitting a lot from doing tai chi and Charlie's experience in this field has been very helpful.

I now have great respect for oriental medical traditions (you may find that Charlie is a huge fan of the Korean school of thought!) and am far more open to what my acupuncturist advises, in terms of diet and lifestyle. In other words, I have learned to trust Traditional Chinese Medicine: After other modalities of healthcare had left me with pain and mobility issues, a few well-placed needles weekly, have freed me up so I can focus on the difference in how I feel when I do things the eastern way. I'm now confident these will bring further benefit.

I will remain grateful for Charlie's contribution to my health. When I fly to Canada to visit my son in a few months, I will be thanking Charlie and other acupuncturists past and present, because without their hundreds of years of concentrated work, a flight of that distance would not be a date in my diary, but just a dream.

Yours faithfully

Debbie Scarr

March 2016

I started having treatment with Charlie Upton about 3 months ago after being very unwell and unable to work for the past 15 months. He thought I made need upto 10 treatments to get me back working fit. I saw him on a emergency appointment as I was in so much pain and the copious amounts of pain relief I was on wasn't easing anything.

He managed to make my pain bareable with just one treatemnt. I have been seeing him regularly and it's been the best descision I've ever made. With each visit I have felt so much better and he has been able to explain to me exactly why my problems have been occuring. I would strongly reccommend his treatments to family and friends.

Gary Bounds